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Recent Editorial about Stacey Matthews and William Raveis Lifestyles Realty

Recent Tabletop Styling by Stacey Matthews

We had two recent articles that appeared in Rural Intellegence and Happening in the Hills. One featured indoor plant design and the creative vision of Stacey as well as terrarium creator, Audra M. Viehland. Please find below an excerpt from the story:

"Gardeners might think that they are the caretakers of their plants, but there's another way to look at it. In some native languages, writes author Robin Wall Kimmerer, the term for plants translates to "those who take care of us." Two women in the Rural Intelligence region, Stacey Matthews and Audra M. Viehland, combine their green thumbs with an artistic aesthetic that incorporates nature into interior design. These plants, now works of art, become caretakers of sorts. Who's not happier surrounded by objects of beauty?"

Photo courtesy of Audra M. Viehland

A lovely Window Ledge in the William Raveis Lifestyles Home.

To read the entire article in Rural Intelligence, please click here.

Edward Larrabee Platform House in Litchfield, CT

Happening in the Hills featured the significant Marsters home, an architectural gem and a perfect example of a platform house design originally conceived by Edward Larrabee Barnes. The design of the house and its provenance were the focus of this article. Below is the introduction to the story:

"The Marsters House, originally built in 1953, is a significant example of the 'platform house', a design conceived by renowned architect Edward Larrabee Barnes. Every detail stays true to early modernism with clean lines and an elegant grid of rectangular indoor and outdoor rooms. The provenance of the house adds to its interest as the home was designed for Ted Marsters, a classmate of Barnes at Harvard, and his wife Kathy who is the sister of Rufus Stillman, a patron and supporter of Marcel Breuer and modernist architecture in Litchfield at that time."

The Family Room of the Marsters House

Another View of the Exquisite Exterior

To read the entire article in Happening in the Hills, please click here.