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Saving Money on Your Utilities

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Friends of all income levels seem to be looking for ways to save money on their bills these days. Here are some relatively quick and easy tips:

Electric Savings: My friend C.S. turned me onto switching to Public Power Utility. Learn about it online. It took 30 seconds to sign up and she says it saved her $50 a month. I'm awaiting my new lower bill next month! Thanks C.S.! She also recommended wrapping my copper water pipes it the basement with foam insulators which are easily available at the hardware store. I'll get my husband on that soon.

Cable Deals: Every month I was aghast at how much I pay my cable company for TV and internet. I took a deep breath and called to see what they could do about it. With 15 minutes, I had a helpful rep on the phone. We went through the bill point by point and she found specials that they were running on most of my services. $50 a month off my bill! Its worth the 15 minutes, I think.

Switching to Charter Cable for Phone Service: I have good back up cell phone service at my house and so have just switched over to Charter phone for my hard wired line. The new service seems to be working great, and I am promised it will save me $100 a month! I have heard that this works best in new houses with new wiring. I do have a friend who lives in an antique house who is happy with it, but she says they had to come back several times to get it working properly.

Call Your Cell Phone Carrier: In ten minutes the other night, my husband lowered our $200 a month blackberry bill by $20 a month by cloosing a new plan that better suits are usage. I know, not a lot, but it all adds up!

Snow Plowing My Gravel Driveway: This year my plow service has bought a new truck which they say allows them to raise the plow blade slightly and avoid pushing the loose gravel all over my lawn. As my driveway is flat, he thinks we can deal with the small amount of snow that will be left over after a plow. He thinks this will save me the $700+ that I spent last spring redistributing the gravel.

Anybody else have any suggestions??

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