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Today I received an email from a client who has been looking to buy for over a year now. She said she has been going to my website regularly and loves it . (thanks!) But she was wondering why she didn't see new price reductions in this market. Since I have recently done many, this made me realize I was not marketing my price reductions well enough. So I'm changing things, thanks for the feedback J.J.! From nowon I will put the original offering price of the property on the main page as well as highlight any recent price reductions in red.I will be the only area website to show the original offering price of a property, so buyers can get a better idea of what is going on. This comment from my client is important asit indicates what buyers are looking for. Theyare shopping by price reductions only.

I received another email from a buyer this week wondering if there is something wrong with a house as it has not sold in 2 years. This particular house is fantastic. However, the owner spent a lot of time offering it at $3.3mil and was too slowto lower it. Its nowdown to $2.3mil and its agreat deal!They have turned down several offers on the way down.So keep in mind, that just because something has not sold quickly does not mean there is something wrong with it.In this area, it can often take a year or more to sell a house. Houses are unique in this area and it takes some time to match up the right buyer with the right house.

If you are a serious buyer, you need not sit around looking at websites and wait for prices to be lowered. Come up and look, make an offer, and you may very well get hit! Keep in mind that sellers have egos too, and don't want to keep lowering prices in a vacuum. Show some interest, and in most cases, they will respond. Give me a call if you would like to discuss area houses that are likely to sell for good discounts off their asking prices. 860-868-9066

If you have comments on my website, or can think of some info you would like to see there, please let me know!



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