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Well we saved a bird this week. Well, technically, Pels, my friend Kathy and her Daughter saved him, but I was very encouraging over the phone. And it was a rather large bird, a red tail hawk! I think Pels may have given up earlier without my moral support so I am taking some credit. Pels went to photograph a cool new mid century listing of ours in Bridgewater about5:00last night. While trekking out back to get the best photo from the other side of the pond, he noticed the hawk hopping about in obvious distress.

First, we tried the Sharon Audubon center (closed) then the DEEP (they dont do anything), then several other rescue facilities (full, they dont pick up, can you drive him to Lyme?) Then we called every vet we know in the area.... Finally, Dr. Elwell in Roxbury said he would care for the bird but we had to get him there. He suggest a fishing net and also warned that the bird would shit all over the car during transport. hmmm, no. I suggested I would bring our cat carrier down. Not big enough. So then I suggested calling friends who had dogs and finding a dog carrier.

Luckily, when hearing of the predicament, our great friend Kathy came to the rescue. She rushed to Bridgewater with dog crate, shovel, styrofoam sled, and towel! After several passes they were able to guide the bird to hop into the dog crate and cover it with the towel so he would be calm. He is now comfortably ensconced at Dr Elwells hopefully eating some defrosted mice? Kathy's daughter who was also a great help has named him Red. We will check in on him in a few days.Pels got home at9:00...

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