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In Our Neighborhood: Highlighting People and Places in the County

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Matt Wood, photo courtesy of Happening in the Hills

We are amazed at the breadth of talent and the robust Art community in our region. The walls of our offices are always showcasing individuals painters, sculpters and multi-media artists. We seek out for our own home works of art created by local artists who, though nationally known, are rooted in our towns.

We have a dramatic gold painting by Woodbury based artist Matt Wood in our dining area which is hung above a fireplace. It is one of our very favorite paintings. You can see in another work featured below how Matt does not shy away from a richly saturated the color palette. Here is a link to an article featuring the artist that appeared on the popular Happening in the Hills web site.


An excerpt from the article, "Albert Einstein once wrote that "true art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist." On a recent summer afternoon, Matt Wood strode out of his studio in a paint-specked shirt, arms outstretched, with a welcoming, "Let me show you everything." That 'everything' is apparent on all the walls and in every corner of the artist's home. There is a mural on the bedroom wall depicting the time he spent in the 1980s living in his bronze 1979 Chevrolet Caprice and burying his art in New Mexico and Texas (more on that later). In the living room, a painting with a face sporting a Day-Glo afro created with his daughter's melted crayons lives alongside a dramatic drawing of a women covered by glass and black paint to reassemble a burka. As we ramble down to the downstairs studio, photographs spill over a large table and there is a rendering of Copernicus that encompasses the entire ceiling."


Photograph by Matt Wood

Matt is also know for his original art murals and painted an exquisite pastoral scene that graces the wall of the pool area of the Mayflower Spa in Washington, CT. Below is a foyer on a local estate where he created a magical interior vista by replicating photos of trees on the property and using a technique with silver aluminum sheets and reverse imaging.


Click here for more information about Matt Wood and his art.


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