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South Farms: Redefining the New England Farm

South Farms in Morris, CT

South Farms in Morris, CT

South Farms offers an authentic country experience set in the most beautiful farm landscape. In addition to being an historic working farm, there is now an interior space that is rustic but with a modern, industrial vibe that is perfect for special events. Sarah Worden, who used to work at The Matthews Group, has teamed up with Ben Paletsky, the farm's owner and manager, to create an amazing setting for weddings, photo shoots, on-site film locations and other significant occasions. Sarah is the most exceptional events planner as well as being a sought after floral designer.

Sam Paletsky Cattle Dealer East Morris

South Farms is redefining traditional New England agriculture by creating a venue that offers a wide range of agricultural products, services, and attractions. Ben Paletsky believes that farmland preservation is best accomplished by creating and nurturing sustainable farmland businesses that excel within a blended, value-added agricultural and agri-tourism environment. An entrepreneurial spirit is a common theme as exemplified in the relationship between the farm and Pioneer Hops who grows and processes hops for Connecticut craft beer brewers. .

We were able to spend some time with both Ben and Sarah and ask them what they love about South Farms.

Ben, you came back to run the business and revitalize this iconic farm. What is your mission?

"Farming is a lifestyle.  This lifestyle is a dream for many, contrasting the fast constant pace of city living.  The credibility of modern farmer extends beyond their ability to produce sustenance from the land, it includes their social impact.   South Farms is a living model of the reinvented farm.  We're focused on highlighting the uniqueness on New England agriculture, through an experiential blend of what's produced in the fields, in-house programs and events, and an awarding historic farm venue. The architectural essence of The White Barn at South Farms overlooking pastures extending to the horizon instantly reconnects our guests to generations of hard-working tradition, while inspiring them to the future."


South Farms Truck

A Vintage Vehicle with Farm Hay

Ben, what makes South Farms unique and how does it benefit the County?

"It puts the area on the map showcasing the uniquesness of New England agriculture. We offer Galloway grass fed beef which is a top Scottish breed and we use rotational grazing as well as feeding only hay cultivated on the farm. We also have Heritage Breed Pork, a three century old breed discovered in Berkshire County UK, which is known for its juiciness, flavor and tenderness. We have a seasonal Farmer's Market every Sunday from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm starting June 12th where our beef and pork are available for sale and we also have several other farms offering their farm fresh goods, live music, activities for children, The Winivan Farm Food truck and donuts along with other baked goods sold out of the AmandaBakes Airstream trailer."

White Barn at South Farms

Sarah, why is the space so special for events?

"The White Barn at South Farms stands out as an event venue in Connecticut and beyond because it combines qualities that are hard to find in one place: authentic charm through its agricultural history, and practical amenities like restrooms, heat/air conditioning, lighting and parking. Most clients looking for a rustic farm setting will find that as much as they want the authentic feel of a real farm or barn, they don't want to compromise on comfort and style. With South Farms, you don't have to. It's also flexible enough to host a range of varied types and sizes of events from intimate farm dinners to large weddings, fundraisers and festivals."

Wedding at South Farms

An Outdoor Ceremony at South Farms

A Charming Arrangement of Flowers and Plants

A Charming Arrangement of Flowers and Plants

Bride and Groom at South Farms

A Quiet Moment for the Bride and Groom at South Farms

Sarah Worden and Ben Paletsky

Sarah Worden and Ben Paletsky


To learn more about South Farms, please click here.

To book an event or for more information about the farm, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: The White Barn is a year round venue with a heated barn with 5,000 sg ft renovated space within a 20,000 sq ft structure.